Demons In The Church


Demons In The Church

Mark 1:23, “And there was in their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit; and he cried out;”

Many people don’t associate demon possessed people with places of worship. Yet most of the demons that Jesus cast out were encountered in the church. Why would demon possessed people be in church?

In some cases, the people were there because they were seeking help. The church, like a hospital, offers people the cure and therefore, attracts those who are sick.

In other cases, the devil sows these types of people in the church to spread spiritual disease. A church that is teaching the true Word of God should either try to evangelize these individuals or make them so convicted that they move on. Sad to say, demon possessed people can thrive in most religious settings today.

We always need to show love for the sinner as Jesus did, but we should cut the devil no slack. If a person wants to keep an evil spirit on the inside of them, they should not feel at home in church.

Let the Spirit of God live through you as He did through Jesus and you will either make people mad or glad, but there will not be indifference.



2 comments on “Demons In The Church

  1. Not everyone today in “religious” circles believes in this. I experienced it first hand at a church I was asked to be a part of to help out in the area of Teaching and Preaching and one Sunday evening service while preaching two witches had come in attendance and tried to disrupt the service.
    I waited to see if the Senior Pastor would do anything and he didn’t so I called them out and identified them, told the congregation to bow their heads and pray. I asked them if they wanted to be prayed for and they immediately departed. It was a good lesson, but the next morning when I met the Senior Pastor for prayer, I asked him about them and he stated, and this is no exaggeration, “It’s no big deal, we get visits like this all the time and they are always trying something.” I asked him what he does about it, the night before it was nothing, and he stated, “they go away for periods of time if you don’t bother them.”
    There was a reason why the Lord sent Susie and I to that church for they as a church were dying (in a lot of areas). As a congregation they were NOT humble, not being taught the truth of the Word and the power behind it. It so reminded me of the Scripture in 2 Timothy 3:5, “having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!”
    We stayed in that church for over a year, trying to literally “sow the Word” encouraging more prayer, more study, reaching out to the neighborhood. I knew we were close to done there when the Senior Pastor asked me in morning prayer, where we met every weekday, how I know I am hearing from the Lord, that he didn’t know if the Lord EVER spoke to him!
    This was a very different situation that what we had experienced in the past and there was a lot going on in that church and a lot of history I couldn’t take the time to share here, but hearts HAVE to change toward the Lord if we are to experience the promises He has made to us as children. If we remain strong-willed and rebellious we open the door to the very thing you are teaching on here and there is ONLY ONE cure, Jesus Christ, the Anointed One!
    Great and necessary Word, Pastor Herman!!!! Thank you so much for the strength to teach it!!! God bless you continually!!

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