One In Spirit


One In Spirit

John 17:21 “That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”


Jesus is praying for all believers to be one as He and the Father are one.

This goes far beyond what many promote as unity today. Paul besought the Corinthians to “all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment.”, 1 Corinthians 1:10. This is God’s standard of unity.

This oneness among believers is what Jesus said would cause the world to know that Jesus is the Son of God. This is the greatest tool for evangelism that the church has. The only way that Christ’s body will be one as the Father and Jesus are One is through God’s kind of love. No wonder Satan tries to get believers to go at each others’ throats. We spend billions of dollars a year on evangelism through television, radio, conventions and crusades, yet, the world is not evangelized because the body of Christ is not united in love.

There is very little unity among believers today. This has occured over thousands of years and it probably won’t be fixed over night. We must strive towards unity but not be overwhelmed by the problem. All Christians have already been joined to each other through the body of Christ, and God the Father sees us all as His children. All divisions among Christians are made by man, not God. For a brief period of time, the church enjoyed unity on earth. Regardless of what strife and division has occurred, all believers are still one in Christ and will live in perfect oneness throughout eternity. We are now one in Spirit. We just need to experience that unity here on earth.

“Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven”, Matthew 6:10.


One comment on “One In Spirit

  1. If I may, dear Pastor, it is fitting this topic appeared when it did for I just spent some exhausting time, trying to give Scripture to one dear lady, who believes that her “church” is the only true “universal church” and that the leaders of her denomination and only them have the truth with which to walk in.

    I was actually raised in that denomination and used to be a very religious teenager until just before my 17th Birthday when the Holy Spirit led me to a small neighborhood Pentecostal church where I surrendered not just my heart, but spirit unto the Lord Jesus Christ.

    As you probably know from some of my teachings and our past relationship, I have a lot of respect and love for my Pentecostal brothers and sisters though I no longer am part of the Denomination in general. For almost 50 years I have tried, while still serving no matter the denomination and learning all I could from the LIVING Word of God as written in the Holy Bible and led by the Holy Spirit.

    Susie and I years ago, made a vow to the Lord that if He would lead us and teach us what HE wanted us to learn and do what HE wanted us to do, we would go and do that in His Name! He has ever been faithful and we have learned SOOOO very much, sometimes by learning the right way of doing things and sometimes by learning how NOT to do things. It has been a life-long journey and as yet, it not quite over!!! I know you and Audrey can appreciate that!! 😉

    But one of the saddest things I have encountered over the years is those that feel they own the WHOLE truth and do not error in interpretation. I have true brothers and sisters, IN CHRIST, in many denominations, but also know many people in those denominations that do NOT emulate the teachings found in the Holy Bible let alone the very things Jesus Himself taught. I DON’T judge their salvation for we can never sentence nor condemn another, BUT it is sometimes very easy to judge (DISCERN) their teaching whether it be true or false, their actions as to whether they ACT like wolves in sheep’s clothing, etc., as you yourself have read in Matthew 7.

    We have been given these gifts, every true believer, to not just protect ourselves from the lies and deceit of the enemy of our souls, but to also protect and help our brothers and sisters who have not benefited by our time in service to the Lord and to one another or to those that for what ever reason are a bit weaker in their faith. It is the reason some of us have been called and given the spiritual and ministry gifts with which we have been given and the responsibility can at times be heart numbing. It is the reason why (intimate) communion with our Lord is so important and why praying for ONE ANOTHER is so vital, as the Scriptures dictate.

    We are in a strange time my Brother, and yet an exciting and challenging time, spiritually as well! Many of the gifts of the Spirit that lend authority to the Word of God that have been weak or missing are beginning to manifest themselves as the Lord Jesus promised so long ago. His Word, though alive to many of us, is becoming alive to others, while even others reject IT so flippantly! You and I KNOW that the Lord Jesus Christ (our Anointed ONE) will be returning soon and it is just a matter of the last soul who is meant to reawakened spiritually to recognize the Lord Jesus in a life-changing way!

    Anyway, there IS a unity within the Body of Christ itself and it is NOT based on denomination or denominational teaching, but the TRUTHFUL teaching of the Living Word of God, the Holy Bible!!! I for one look forward to the day when so many of us who have served for the souls of others will one day be united not just in Spirit, but in the reality of Eternity!!! At the same time, I am saddened to my heart for those who are so willing to trade eternity for just a few years of what this pitiful world organization and the enemy of their very souls has to offer!

    Sorry for taking so much of your space, but your article is so very important spiritually and yet so often dismissed as trivial. The Bible tells us that our spirit’s will bear witness with the truth and it is implied, with one another in the Lord. Believe me when I tell you sincerely, my spirit bears witness to the truth of this Word and Teaching!!

    God bless you and Audrey, Pastor Herman; may God continually succor your spirit and bless you with continued TRUTH and life!!!

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