Give All The Glory To God


Give All The Glory To God

John 17:18 “As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.”

We are not from the world. Through the new birth, we come from God and should constantly remind ourselves of this. It is not good to be too “at home” in the world. We are in the world but are not of the world. Great men and women of God have always had this attitude.

The primary reason that God chooses to use those who are nothing by the world’s standards, is so no one else can take credit for the great things that are accomplished.

If the Lord used those who had it “all together” in the natural, then they would share the glory that rightfully belongs to God alone. But when the Lord works miraculously through someone who obviously has no talent or ability, then everyone says, “This must be God.”

Not only does this keep others from misdirecting the glory that belongs to God, but it keeps the person who God uses from swelling up with pride. One of Satan’s greatest weapons against someone who is being used by God is to tempt them to think that the Lord is using them because they possess some superior virtue.

God uses “nobodies.” If we think we’ve become “somebody” (in our flesh), then we will cease being used. He will not share His glory with anyone else, Isaiah 42:8.


One comment on “Give All The Glory To God

  1. Makes me want to cry Pastor! Not because I try or even want to share the glory, but because what the world sees today is “Preacher” after preacher trying to make a name for themselves. They “USE” Jesus’ Name, but by their actions and even much of their teaching they don’t have a relationship with the ONE whose Name they are using! There is a reason why Jesus warned us, vehemently to be alert, to “discern” (judge) those who are false prophets and wolves in sheep’s clothing. We aren’t to “judge” (sentence or condemn to damnation) another of God’s creation, but we are to make people aware NOT to be deceived for just USING His Name will NOT garner us a place before the Throne!!!

    I believe at the stage in history that we are in right now, TRUE Spirit-filled, Spirit-led Christians should be praying even more fervently for the Power of the Holy Spirit to open blinded and clouded spiritual eyes!

    This was a much, much needed article, Pastor! God Bless!!

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