Opposition To The Gospel


Opposition To The Gospel

 Matthew 10:34 “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.”

This statement seems like a contradiction to some prophecies concerning Jesus and some of Jesus’ own statements concerning peace, as well as what was written of Him in the New Testament Epistles. However, the peace that Jesus purchased was peace between God and man. We have peace with God, Romans 5:1. We are exhorted to take this peace and extend it to all men, but it is also made very clear that not all men will receive it.

Peace can only come when we relate to God on the basis of faith in what He did for us, instead of what we do for Him. A person who is thinking that he must perform up to some standard to be accepted by God will have no peace. That puts the burden of salvation on our shoulders, and we can’t bear that load. We were incapable of living holy enough to please God before we were saved, and we are incapable of living holy enough to please God now that we are saved, Hebrews 11:6. We were saved by faith, and we have to continue to walk with God by faith, Colossians 2:6. Not understanding this has made many Christians, who love God, unable to enjoy the peace that was provided for them through faith in Jesus.

The Gospel will always produce opposition from those who don’t receive it. This “sword of division,” even among family members, is not God’s will, nor is it God that causes it. But, it will inevitably come, and Jesus was simply preparing His disciples for that time. As much as we would like everyone to receive the good news, we must not think it is strange when even our loved ones don’t receive it. Jesus was rejected by His own, and we will be also. We must remain faithful to continue preaching the Gospel, for there are others who will receive. Keep sharing the “Good News!”



One comment on “Opposition To The Gospel

  1. Brother Herman, Great, great word! Many of our Brothers and Sisters don’t want and don’t understand this principle and it causes at times “conflicts” to say the least. I believe it is because many of the more “troublesome” things the Lord has put forth aren’t as popular or as palatable and yet, dear Pastor, it is all part of the Whole Word of God and as you stated, rightly so, Jesus was warning His disciples that these times of “conflict” would arise! The TRUTH is not always welcome if it brings a bit of pressure or pain to change and yet the promise is LIBERTY!

    Another promise though to His followers dear Pastor, is Peace, not the peace that comes from conformance to the world for that is not true peace, but a Peace that takes root in the spirit and is born of the Spirit! I would rather speak the truth in love for my brothers and sisters than conform to a world that is never concerned for others but rather for self! Division or conflict may come, but ultimately Truth wrought by faith will lead to liberty and that is why we have ALL been called!

    God bless you greatly Pastor for giving us what we need and not necessarily just what we want!

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